Apper released!

Hi all,

after almost a year without a release Apper is finally out there :D, I have been very busy these days and it’s a bit hard to find some time to code this, I’ll keep improving Apper, which will gain some nice new additions to the next releases, but I can’t tell when that will be… (maybe you get a Christmas version)

The main changes are:

  • Removal of the left pannel, so we have more free space
  • Moved the summary of a package next to the package name
  • Embed most of the dialogs into the main UI
  • When you close Apper with some transaction running apper-sentinel starts a plasma job so you can keep an eye on your instalations
  • Reworked all Session Interface dialogs so it looks like a wizard
  • Made some changes to the code that check for updates (hopefully this will fix the bugs that some people had)
  • Use libpackagekit-qt2 which is way faster and uses less resources
  • Display repos while refreshing cache
  • Show the package version and size by default on the updates UI
  • Show the total updates size on the upates UI
  • Fix most KPackageKit bugs, yes not all are fixed 😦
  • Display a nice message when your system is up to date, as before you aren’t sure if it hasn’t updates since the UI looked the same… (see below)
Check out my previous post for more details about these changes.
As always I really hope you all enjoy it.
Apper released!