colord-kde is now Plug’n’Play

Thanks to XRandR (X Resize and Rotate), it’s really easy to get information about display devices, it also generate X events regarding you connecting or removing the connector, KDE already detects this by asking you to configure your monitor and now the KDED module of colord-kde does this too, it will automatically add/remove your display device and also setup the assigned profile. This addition marks near the end of TODOs on this module.

And we even got a few more improvements beside this important step:

  • Filter profiles by mime type not by extension anymore
  • Sort and better filter the Add Profile list removing the items already in use
  • Fix the X atom setup (used by applications like Krita)

Besides all these cool stuff I have also moved from gitorious to KDE git infra-structure’s:

With this done I really think it’s already possible to start playing with this, surely you won’t find a bug free software but if you like testing new things this is for you!

The next step is now polishing the KDED module and improving the KDM UI.


colord-kde is now Plug’n’Play

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