colord-kde 0.1.0 released!

In less than one month of coding I’m pleased to announce the first colord-kde release!

We don’t have feature parity with Gnome tools yet but we have all that it’s needed to make use of colord in KDE, since my last post some new features were added, so let’s take a look:

The first thing to notice is that the UI improved a lot, it looks nicer, more aligned and very clean, pretty much “Get the job done” (TM). So our first screen shot shows the device information, it doesn’t show a lot of data since we don’t actually have that much and even if we had it would make sense to go into a hardware specific module.

Ah! and before you complain that the Devices Icon is the same as the Plasma Activities that’s a bit temporary (tho I like the icon), I’d like to have some colorful icon like that since it’s hard to describe all devices kind in one icon (scanner, printer, display, webcam..), if you have a better idea please submit to Oxygen team with your icon or idea.

Device information

The next one is a feature that some people have asked on my last posts, which were already available on colord, notice the “Install System Wide” button, so if you have multiple users on your machine they can use the same profile.

Install Profile System Wide

ICC profiles contains several information, one of these are Named Colors which is shown bellow:

Named Colors

And the last one, not less important though is the Metadata tab, which shows all metadata information contained inside the ICC Profile file:

Metadata Information

What’s next?

Well basically we miss two features comparing to the Gnome tools:

Calibrating devices

This is a very hard task, and unfortunately the Gnome tool will need to be reworked into a shared spec/library, so we will have to wait a bit while it’s sort of rewritten. But don’t worry there’s more work in the meanwhile…

More Profile tabs

Currently we have only Information, Named Colors and Metadata tabs, we miss CIE 1931, to sRGB, from sRGB, TRC, VCGT and a 3D Graph which is probably the hardest one.

I’ve never written code to draw stuff in QPainter (expect for the Delegates but it’s far easier) so I’d appreciate if someone would like to help me creating those graphs, since the Gnome tool uses Cairo I looked at the code and it really seems (at least for the CIE one) that this is not that hard as QPainter has some very similar methods so this is what I’ll be working on.


Matthias will probably be helping out with Debian/Ubuntu packaging, and Fedora dudes are also very interested in packaging, this is important so that we might find bugs earlier at this point. As the code has just moved to KDE playground we don’t have many translations yet but hopefully this will change soon 😀

You can get a tarball here:

or the code from git here: git clone git://


UPDATE: I forgot to mention that for local ICC files to be properly imported version 0.1.18 of colord is required.

colord-kde 0.1.0 released!