colord-kde 0.2 released!

Today is the 0.2 release day!

I’m very excited about the overall feedback that I received from the 0.1 release, a fix here, a bug report there, and we finally have a real solid release. System Settings bug was fixed, monitor plug’n’play was improved, the profiles selection bellow the device item doesn’t flicker anymore, most (if not all) Krazy issues where fixed and a few new features where added.

The coolest new feature is calibrate button, as I explained on the first post we won’t have a KDE interface so soon as the code has to be made share able, so it’s not the best solution, but the button I added will be enabled only if gcm-calibrate is available:

Calibrate button

As you can see beside the obvious GTK style change, is that it actually integrates pretty well as the dialog sets System Settings as it’s parent:

GCM Calibrate

Thanks to Richard Hughes who sent me a free colorhug device, I was able to play with it and make the button sensitive when you connect the device, so if you don’t plug it on the USB port the calibrate button will stay disabled. Besides the colorhug colorimeter which is meant for LCD/LED devices, the gcm-calibrate can also calibrate others devices without a measuring device like printers.

colorhug device calibrating the screen


UPDATE: Thanks to Tom Albers the downloads are now on KDE repos 😀


A big thank you for all that already donated to my found raising campaign it almost reach the goal, in just 2 days!

colord-kde 0.2 released!

libdebconf-kde 0.2 released!

This release is mostly to help packagers, I delayed it a lot because of the bug 255935, it turned out that as kpackagekit-smarticon and apper-sentinel crashed when exiting showing the debconf stack I thought the problem was actually in libdebconf, so today I decided to dig some old bugs and fixed this crash in Apper (hence the bug).

This new release include some nice changes made by Modestas Vainius which among other things adds support for FIFO pipes on the debconf-helper command line and implement X_PING support in it.

So I added a few Krazy fixes and we are done as the bug was not on libdebconf-kde.


And if you didn’t read my last post on the fundraising campaign (thanks a lot for those who already contributed), please take a look it’s almost there 😀

libdebconf-kde 0.2 released!