libdebconf-kde 0.2 released!

This release is mostly to help packagers, I delayed it a lot because of the bug 255935, it turned out that as kpackagekit-smarticon and apper-sentinel crashed when exiting showing the debconf stack I thought the problem was actually in libdebconf, so today I decided to dig some old bugs and fixed this crash in Apper (hence the bug).

This new release include some nice changes made by Modestas Vainius which among other things adds support for FIFO pipes on the debconf-helper command line and implement X_PING support in it.

So I added a few Krazy fixes and we are done as the bug was not on libdebconf-kde.


And if you didn’t read my last post on the fundraising campaign (thanks a lot for those who already contributed), please take a look it’s almost there 😀

libdebconf-kde 0.2 released!

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