Print Manager 0.2.0 released

Hello Planet,

I’m proud to announce the new print-manager release, this release includes many bug fixes and improvements 😛

With this release I plan to get it included into KDE 4.10, a review request have been already filled.

The fixes include:

  • Proper handling CUPS DBus subscriptions
  • Fixing PPD selection from new/current printers
  • Some fixes on the KDED module
  • Fix print-queue widget interface

The improvements:

  • Show a spin cursor on the add printer wizard so you know when it’s “working”
  • Do an automatic PPD selection in case a recommended driver is found
  • Show a KMessageWidget to display an error in case s-c-p-dbus didn’t work as expected
  • Add a check box to reject jobs for a given printer
  • Add support for CUPS 1.6 (by using a build flag)

I’m happy to see that most distros are starting to package it, Arch, openSUSE, Fedora and Kubuntu all seem to have it for testing, which means I’ve been fixing some bugs they have reported 🙂

Since people like screen shots:

Add Printer error box
PPD ui with error box
Manage Printers

The download will soon be available at: (UPDATE: URL is fixed now)

Have fun!

Print Manager 0.2.0 released