Print Manager 0.2.0 released

Hello Planet,

I’m proud to announce the new print-manager release, this release includes many bug fixes and improvements 😛

With this release I plan to get it included into KDE 4.10, a review request have been already filled.

The fixes include:

  • Proper handling CUPS DBus subscriptions
  • Fixing PPD selection from new/current printers
  • Some fixes on the KDED module
  • Fix print-queue widget interface

The improvements:

  • Show a spin cursor on the add printer wizard so you know when it’s “working”
  • Do an automatic PPD selection in case a recommended driver is found
  • Show a KMessageWidget to display an error in case s-c-p-dbus didn’t work as expected
  • Add a check box to reject jobs for a given printer
  • Add support for CUPS 1.6 (by using a build flag)

I’m happy to see that most distros are starting to package it, Arch, openSUSE, Fedora and Kubuntu all seem to have it for testing, which means I’ve been fixing some bugs they have reported 🙂

Since people like screen shots:

Add Printer error box
PPD ui with error box
Manage Printers

The download will soon be available at: (UPDATE: URL is fixed now)

Have fun!

Print Manager 0.2.0 released

26 thoughts on “Print Manager 0.2.0 released

  1. Paul Eggleton says:

    Great, but for the error shown above could you try to provide a better error message? Assuming this is not just a fake error…

      1. Paul Eggleton says:

        (From my armchair, of course) maybe some work ought to be done on system-config-printer to report more sensible errors, in that case.

      2. dantti says:

        Yes, probably, in this case python crashed failing to import gtk (which should be patched not to need it in the first place)

  2. bullet says:

    Hi, have installed version 0.2 in Chakra. When I click “Add Printer” button, the next dialog “Add a New Printer” shows the message:

    Failed to group devices: ‘The name org.fedoraproject.Config.Printing was not provided by any .service files’

    Is it normal. How to eventually fix it?


    1. dantti says:

      you need to install system-config-printer it provides some smartness to print-manager, though you can safely be without it.

  3. Markus says:

    Thank you for your work. Will it be possible to create profiels like in KDE 3 where you could have kind of two printers with different default settings, e.g. one for normal printing and one for double side / 2 pages on on one ….

  4. scarabeus says:

    Hi, the app looks really cool, but you should’ve announced your plan on so we would prepare translations before you released it. I updated the czech almost to 100% just when looked on it for 20 minutes and bet other translators would do the same so users of your app would enjoy it in native language. We translators mostly do not track playground folders unless notified.

    1. dantti says:

      We are moving out of playground so this will help, also the wasn’t extracting everything, so I’ll probably do another release when it has moved out of playground, then I let translators know.. Thanks

  5. I like very much Your works for KDE, especially Print Manager and colord-kde.
    I want to help Your work but, I’m sorry, I’m not able do write code and also I have some difficulties to test because I’m not so able to compile etc. ; I can make for You the Italian translations and write documents in Italian.
    My hope is also to have the possibility to give You some suggestions….
    How can I contact You?

    Best regards

  6. Thanks for the great work! I have noticed a couple of bugs, the first of which I have submitted to #308314. Hopefully you should be able to easily reproduce it and likewise fix it.

    The other thing that I have been playing and mainly what I am interested in is the DNSSD stuff (you commented that it needs testing!). For testing I am using Kubuntu 12.10 beta 2 (CUPS 1.6.1) inside a VMWare VM on a Mac OS X 10.7.5 (CUPS 1.5.4) host. First I didn’t think that it worked at all even after playing with if for hours but I feel asleep and woke up and my shared printer from my Mac appeared in the New Printer Wizard. I can see the DNSSD advertisements on both sides fine (I have a printer being shared both ways) using Bonjour Browser on the Mac and avahi-browse on the Linux side – they re-advertise every few minutes, but what ever is doing the browsing for your wizard doesn’t seem to be picking up the advertisements from my Mac reliably.

    I have tried to follow your code but there seems to be multiple layers in this cake. I don’t understand how your software links into s-c-p, I’ll try and do some more reading of your code later to understand how it all fits together.

    Would it be viable to have to just have a local DNSSD browse process running (using the KDE API) and use to automagically do driver selection and add the printers particulars ?

    1. dantti says:

      The biggest problem is that avahi browsing seems to be removed from cups 1.6, so it seems now that i’ll need to do the browsing using avahi on the add printer ui directly. Afaik s-c-p doesn’t have the feature yet too…

    1. dantti says:

      You’re welcome.
      and sorry but no, I won’t integrate libinklevel into print-manager. The reason is simple, it’s the wrong place to do the integration, the right place is at the printer drivers that CUPS use. Print-manager already shows ink levels for printers integrated “the right way”.
      As you can see from there is already a CUPS specification for that and printer manager follows that already, see tho it’s now integrated into the main UI 🙂

      1. Gryffus says:

        These are great news. I did not knew that CUPS has specification for that… It would be nice to have ink levels displayed next to the printer in the fancy plasmoid… Thanks! 🙂

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