Thank you friends!

Hello friends! Today, the second day of Daniel in jail, I can not imagine how he must be suffering and size of your anguish.
When I remember the accident at all our suffering now beginning to appear that were distant days, I remember the joy of it to pack your bags and your excitement to meet their friends at en event that one of the topics discussed would be more beloved by him, Linux, when finally we started to pick up the pieces of our souls, it all comes back to hurt again, the wound is reopened and now still so much more difficult, we are apart, before our daughter and now a loving father of his wife and son.
I can barely have the strength to stand firm in the face of our son, who after tragically losing her twin sister, now crying question: – Where’s my daddy? Forces are given me and our renewed by God at every moment, that most terrible and difficult ordeal awaited us, the thought of him in a cold cell in an unknown country with a language unknown, surrounded by people who do remember that we are far without knowing what is happening, incommunicado and scared, I imagine …

Has been difficult fight, our son Chris, looks at me with tenderness and reminds me of his father, because they are too similar … His little eyes in the background know that something is happening, but after the pain and shock I could feel a great affection and encouragement and joy to receive so many demonstrations of affection and amizado by you guys! I believe that even Daniel Nicoletti had not the slightest idea of how dear it is and how great quality are these people, these friends he has given us strong support and hope! I have felt supported me and affection of all he has made me strong to face this situation.
In two days, God willing, I will be embarking bound for Munich, can not wait to be face to face with my husband, hug him, calm him down and tell you all how wonderful it has been and how much affection he has sent to I believe that like me, the Corção it will also fortified to learn all this great outpouring of love from you guys!
I have no words to thank you all this love! I hope that taking this documentation and testifying on behalf of my husband can have it back again as fast as possible.

I want to tell Daniel that he is very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people! Thank you to the entire Linux community, KDE, your friends and everyone who has made our burden lighter and built a bond of love and friendship that will never forget.

On behalf of our family, Daniel, Christoplher, in memory of our daughter Geovanna and I are grateful for all the support! God bless you! Keep this always being a blessing! You will always be in our prayers!

Thank you friends!

2 thoughts on “Thank you friends!

  1. Cláudio Pinheiro says:

    Procure o Itamaraty. Ele é um cidadão brasileiro acusado injustamente, e merece a proteção legal e diplomática do Brasil. Ponha a boca no trombone. Contate a imprensa e conte o caso: “Analista de Sistemas brasileiro preso na Alemanha por falsa acusação de policial argentino”. É necessário que o caso tenha visibilidade, que a Imprensa internacional dê em cima, pra dar celeridade ao processo.

    Look for Brazil’s diplomatic arm (Itamaraty). He’s a brazilian citizen accused unjustly, and deserves Brazil’s legal and diplomatic protection. Spread the word about the case. Contact the press and tell them the case: “Brazilian Systems Analyst arrested in Germany because false accusation from an argentinian cop”. This case must gain visibility, the international press must have its eyes on it to expedite the process.

  2. Pierre Stirnweiss says:

    My name is Pierre Stirnweiss. I am active in the Calligra community. I currently live in Munich. So if you wish, I can offer you accommodation. Also, if you give me your flight details I can pick you up at the airport and help you around in Munich.
    My email address is

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