Developments and news…

The thousands of friends, come give new news on the progress of preparations for the trip, which is not getting any easier, steps have visits among all brands in various organs Brazilian government officials and am in touch with two lawyers in Argentina, I’m in I look forward to new updates process there, and plus any new information, so I asked for a further 3 business days, and are checking all my documentation to see if everything is ok too, another delay is the fact that for being late weeks could not move much because nothing works there during this period. The press has been thrown, I received several phone calls from reporters who told me that temptation to do some pressure on the Brazilian government to take a position and help us more.
WITH the grace of God everything will be alright, tomorrow I’ll be going to the federal police here in São Paulo and I intend to travel and provided with all information known possible. Another novelty is that we have a friend in Munich’s Daniel who kindly provided the receberme at the airport and take me to the consulate and help me into the possible, which will be of great importance. Thanks to all!! Elisabeth Nicoletti.
Developments and news…

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