We keep moving fast!

Hello friends! We are having many advances, we have 4 Argentine lawyers willing to ajudarnos with case and 5 Brazilian Lawyers also committed to take Daniel as soon as possible of the whole situation. A lawyer who handles the case in Germany has shown a great person, very full and willing to help in whatever possible, she has kept me informed of every step, we spend hours every day on the phone and seeking solutions enumerating lists the documents which I am providing with the Brazilian and Argentine authorities, even she has scheduled a visit to Daniel today and asked for a message to that thousands of the We used some of the money from donations to defray expenses and legal documentation and help money sent to prison on an account that was given to me by the Brazilian consulate in germany so it does not need any password. We are very hopeful that everything will go well, this morning Argentine lawyers were at the forum and already had access to the process and should have already started for a defense that is at least given him a parole. With the grace of God this whole nightmare will end brve and in the best way possible. I ask you to continue helping us in every possible way … Many thanks to all! Elisabeth Nicoletti.

We keep moving fast!

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