Wonderful news …

Hello friends! We have wonderful news! The Argentine lawyers challenged before the Argentine courts and challenged the entire procedure was applied to Daniel, the Brazilian press also entered the event with strength and charging the Foreign Ministry saying that if something was not done quickly everything would be exposed in the media. And I think that he will be released today, with probation! I can not believe, know that all the strength he gave the testimony in favor of Daniel, saying that they know and that is a KDE developer, who has worked hard in developing short, and expressions of affection and helped a lot in this whole situation, so we’re seeing a new ticket so he can return to Brazil so get out of jail, and so we will continue fighting this process, but the most important is that he will be paroled here in Brazil, I can hardly believe!! I can only thank God for having wonderful friends like you guys for it! And thank you all for the help of all forms. I explain to them that the money that was collected is being used to pay lawyers, documents and now the passing of Daniel himself back in Brazil. It will be a great battle and he still runs the risk of another prison, we will fight for that not to happen! Ask you to continue praying to God for his safety and well he is released back to Avidar everyone! I greatly appreciate everyone!! God bless you!

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Wonderful news …

6 thoughts on “Wonderful news …

  1. Tomaz Canabrava says:

    Junto com isso, convido vocês a tomar um chá em minha casa. :)
    brincadeiras a parte, é muito bom saber disso. Muito embora acompanhe o que o Dantii faz a bastante tempo vocês nunca apareceram pra nossos encontros, nossas festas, nossas reuniões até as quatro da manhã num quarto de hotel regado ao som de Sandro tocando violão, Aracele contando resenhas, eu desmaiado de sono e o resto conversando, se ajudando, programando, traduzindo e principalmente – vivendo, e mesmo apesar de nunca se aproximarem não negamos ajuda quando precisaram.
    Venham nos conhecer no próximo encontro. :)

  2. erickacvl says:

    Olá Elisabeth, eu vi o caso na Folha hoje, fiquei preocupada… que bom que tudo está correndo bem. Se vc precisasse vir até Munique eu ia oferecer para vc dormir aqui (moro em Munique) para não pernoitar no aeroporto. Que Deus abençoe vcs!

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