colord-kde 0.3.0 released!

It’s been a while since I want to do a new colord-kde release, the fact is that there is still some stuff to do and I have to balance the time between a bunch of other stuff I do in parallel, I just found boring stick to one thing at time 🙂

This release is very recommended as it has lots of fixes compared to 0.2.0, some distros shipped backports to some of those issues but over the last week I have fixed even more stuff. Here is a quick list of changes:

  • Lots of new translations (thanks to KDE tranlation teams)
  • Fix setting an ICC profile while KDE SC is starting
  • Fix setting the ICC_PROFILE X atom that applications like Krita, digikam, gimp use (I was impressed by how long it took to some user actually notice this but I just guess there aren’t many users doing color correction on apps…)
  • Add a mimetype handler to handle ICC profile files, so that when you click on an ICC file a dialog asks you if you want to import it.
  • Handle the talk with colord using auto generated classes from XML interface which simplified the code a lot and probably made some stuff faster and non-blocking
  • Improved support for colord 0.8
  • Improved information about why the calibration button is disabled thanks to Lukáš Tinkl
  • Moved the code that scans and parse ICC profiles to a thread so we don’t block the main KDED process
  • and of course a bunch of other fixes…

For the next release I’ll try to make sure KWin color correction feature works with colord-kde (it should just work but seems it’s not working so I have to dig into this), and also a cool new feature is that we will have a native KDE dialogs for the calibration phase!


colord-kde 0.3.0 released!