What a life…

I don’t even know how to start this one but wow, when I think my life can’t get worst it surprises me again.

So last month I started a campaign in Indeigogo  about Litteras a new email client with EWS (Exchange) support. It was great, in like 2 days I had 5% of the goal, but then it stuck completely, that was probably because I failed to blog more about it and it’s progress, but it also showed how I was wrong on thinking people dislike Akonadi, I got lots of feedback of users that like it, I gave it a second try and it was more or less what I had experienced in the past. It worked with my Gmail account but still I don’t like it much, I was able to make kmail unusable by killing the mysql process, I should fill a bug but lots of things happened after this.

One of the greatest things of the campaign was that I was informed about KDSoap which is not on “Qt Soap”google search, right now I didn’t start to use it but it will help a lot developing the libews-qt library, the API of the lib is quite nice to use, and it is a bit close to the .Net one but async 🙂

Soon after the campaign stopped receiving funds I got a proposal to write a software for an specific machine, the software isn’t that hard to do (it’s almost done) and it will allow for me to finally run my own company (which I plan to have a few paid people making KDE stuff at certain hours). Then I got my vacations and went to meet this people so soon I expect it to be selling.

My vacations finished, thanks God last month I managed to get rid of my bank debts (still have my car and the German lawyer to pay), my wife was to go to Argentina to deal with the issue that happened in Germany but at the beginning of the year she felt over her feet and broke it, she got some metal in it and till today she says it hurts sometimes. I was counting now I’d had money to pay her trip and the German/Argetinian lawyers and it happened again…

She was with my kid shopping some stuff and with my kid letting her crazy like most kids she mistakenly put some stuff she was buying on the baby car, and not to help that happened in two stores, she even called me if she could buy what she wanted and I said ok. But then the woman on the second store started to scream loudly and the mess was made. She was waiting for me to get out of work to go to the first store and buy the stuff.

The police was called and since it had things from two stores she had to stay arrested. Impossible not to remember when it happened to me in Germany but I’m sure here is probably worse, not to mention we are having the coldest days this year (it even snowed at some places), luckly I had some cloths to leave with her.

Now I’ll have to spend 5k USD with the lawyer and probably some more cash for the police, I’m glad tomorrow I get my pay check and next week my vacations, but still it’s a lot of money so it isn’t going to be easy to deal with this.

Most of the people that read my blog probably don’t believe in God, I have my own logical and non logical reasons to believe and I really feel that something is trying to set my family apart, in two years after my daughter died we were finally starting to love each other again tanks to this vacations, debts gone and lots of talking, and now this… If that’s not evil surely it’s real bad luck..

So I would really appreciate if you could help us (again! thank you very much if you did it the last times) a bit on this and donate a penny for that campaign, due to the feedback I realized that not supporting akonadi was a bad decision, so my plans for it now are:

* Make libews-qt have it’s own repo

* Make libews-qt use KDSoap

* Cover more of the EWS API

* Implement an Akonadi resource for managing contacts

* _MAYBE_ Implement an Akonadi resource for managing calendar, if the above proves to be as easy as the docs say

This is already lots of work, and I plan to do this as soon as I have my company up and running (hopefully in 1mo maximum), since we are moving to Qt5 it will probably make more sense not to promise more stuff since some stuff might change, if everything goes well I’ll also try to make use of the lib in KMail, but I don’t know how long would it take so I prefer not to promise that, the contacts I know I can manage to implement it. And btw folder syncing is mostly working on litteras already (not the emails in it).

If you can’t help with money please pray for my family or just wish us luck.

Thank you.

What a life…

10 thoughts on “What a life…

  1. Lucas says:

    So now you will focus totally on the library and the integration into Akonadi and KMail?
    Because I think that is what most users want instead of a new email client. And as soon as it is about money you should listen to the masses, and not mainly what you think is the best (or don’t like).

    Maybe choosing a more liberal licence would also help to make your library interesting for companies (LGPL, Apache, ..)

    For the next time better go to freedomsponsors.org with such a project. I think you will find more people there interested in OSS, you also can donate in Bitcoins there and I think the fees are lower.
    And maybe you should have also made some return (I don’t know a word for that), like I will list you on the website (>0$), you will be listed in the about (>100$) etc.

    Fundraising is about marketing, not about making good software. Next time you maybe could work together with the KDE Foundation (or their marketing department) for a better marketing.

    I will donate a few bucks when I’m at home.

    1. dantti says:

      Sure I need to listen to the masses but I was trying to propose something different.
      I will focus on the library and making Exchange contacts available for akonady. I could promise more, but that’s already quite a lot of work. Having a library with near of 100% API covered is much more important imo.
      It will be LGPL.
      I may take a look at the freedomsponsors.org but since I had used this 2 times back I’m already familiar with.
      Giving something in return is not always easy.
      and Thanks

      1. I can’t speak for others but I appreciate that you listened and will now focus on the Akonadi side. I personally don’t need anything Exchange related but I’ll donate a bit anyway. Keep it up!

  2. Marcel says:

    I wish you all the best but you should understand that your story about being put into prison for a relatively innocent shoplifting incident — as you described it — will be received with a lot of skepticism by many of your readers (at least the ones that don’t know you personally).

  3. Samuel Demirdjian says:


    I was following your blog since the day you posted about the passing away of your daughter.

    Just like you, I am also an open source geek and a follower of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    At that time, I did not know that I will face the same trial that your faced. Yes, we also lost our lovely Rachel, our 1 year and 8 months old daughter, on April 30, 2012.

    All that I can tell is that there is still hope. 🙂

    Life will be worse. However, we have the promise that its hardness will not surpass our human handling capabilities.

    I am happy that you will start your own company.

    You will be rewarded if you let your light shine till the end.

    I’ll pray for you. We have a son, we’re expecting a daughter, pray for us.

  4. blue_ says:

    all, we can do for you ist to pray for you, because our finances are not a happy topic, but to stay in front of our god for our brother in christ is what we can do and so we do!

  5. khrys says:

    two years latter and can’t find nothing about ews in kmail :-/ the bug in kde about that have more than 10 years :-/

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