Apper 0.8.1 released

Hi all,

I finally managed to roll a new release of Apper 🙂

Here is a small list of changes:

  • AppStream support (experimental)
  • Updater plasmoid now as a pure QML applet, with some nice improvements
  • Don’t create KJobs for when simulating the updates
  • Allow for fetching showing screenshot from openSUSE servers
  • and several bugfixes

This release is almost a bug-fix only one, more features are planned but I lack time right now…

Here is the download link:


PS. My wife is back at home, thank you all who donated a bit for Litteras campaign, but it is still far from reaching the goal, and I believe it won’t reach it. As I said I’ll continue it’s development but not the way I planned since I’ll need to manage other ways to fund myself.

Apper 0.8.1 released

4 thoughts on “Apper 0.8.1 released

  1. Biffster says:

    Is there a way to ignore/hide a specific update I am offered by Apper, forever? It offered me several updates, but I only want to install some of them, but currently the ones I haven’t installed keep getting offered to me and the systray icon keeps popping up telling me I have updates.

    Other articles tell me uninstall Apper and just use yast2 but yast2 doesn’t seem to offer the exact same updates. Windows has an “ignore this update” option so a particular update can be hidden.

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