In search of lawyers …

Good day friends … We are very happy with the collections and affective demonstrations of affection for my husband Daniel Nicoletti. On behalf of our family and I really appreciate it! God bless you, we’re planning a trip to tomorrow or after tomorrow, already got money to buy a one way ticket. I am gathering all documentation and photos so you can help him as best as possible. I had contact with many of his friends who are now my friends and I noticed also that there is no Argentine, but I would FAER a call so we can get to a good lawyer Daniel Argentine and Brazilian a good lawyer, I ask you to help us get both . Contact me at any time of day or night! Thank you! Elisabeth, Christopher Nicoletti.

In search of lawyers …

5 thoughts on “In search of lawyers …

  1. Andras says:

    I strongly suggest to check if one way ticket is good or not. It is usually not much more expensive two ways, and the immigration in EU might not like a one-way ticket! The worse would be if you’d be turned back from the border.

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