Thank you

Hello friends,

After a real nightmare of 5 days in prison I’m finally safe at home, first of all I must thank God, my wife, all of my friends local media and family that really provided us with great help. I took me a lot of time to read all messages that were exchanged while I was in prison. Without the help of all of you I’d probably still be there, when the police officer said on Monday morning that I was free to go I couldn’t believe, the Brazil’s embassy said up to 3 months, the lawyer I got in Munich said at least a few weeks and my wife was informed up to 6 months, not to mention that I would probably stay even more time at Argentina.

Though the trial is not over yet, at least now I can stay home with my family, without the possibility of losing my job, and my wife will go to Argentina to defend me and do what else is needed. I was amazed at how much money was also raised in such short time. As some of you know the travel to the Color Management Hackfest was already a bit hard due to my bank issues but thankfully pretty much everything was already paid. So we will be using the collected money to pay lawyers and travel expenses to Argentina, I don’t know if that will be sufficient but it’s enough to start the process, if you didn’t had the change to donate and still would like to do, just send me an email and I tell the paypal account, this does quite a difference.

Next month is my wife’s, my son, then my own birthdays, so when I got arrested pretty much all I could think of was missing the 3rd birthday of my kid, really would be the worst holidays of my life since my daughter had died.

Being home now with my kid messing around is really priceless, really thank you all very much!

Sorry for my wife’s noise on the planet KDE but I think you all can understand how odd this situation was.

As for the geek stuff I’ll soon be pushing more code 🙂


Thank you

24 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. taupter says:

    Parabéns, Daniel! Estávamos todos torcendo por você, eu e minha família.Deus abençoou vocês com esta vitória.

  2. chuck says:


    Glad that you’re home and things are more stable for you.

    If its not too painful, can you post or link to a summary of why you were arrested? Reading your wife’s posts, I wasn’t clear on what had happened to cause you to be arrested in Germany except that it seemed to be some horrible confusion about the car accident a while back.

    1. dantti says:

      I’m not totally sure yet of what happened but it seems they have said I was imprudent on the accident, in Brazil even if it was the case nothing would happen since I’d be already paying for such a tragic loss (and it seems in Germany too). So there are some stuff on the case I completely disagree not to mention they didn’t get my proper side of story, which really I can’t understand how someone that made lots of mistakes driving the car was set free and I got an Interpol search… Even if I was fast, the other guy made at least 2 more mistakes (stopped in the middle of the road for at least 15 seconds and didn’t show the turn sign)…

  3. STiAT says:

    Glad to read that you’re safe at home. Enjoy your priceless time with your family. I hope things go well during the lawsuite too – as if the death of your daughter was not hard enough already.

    I could understand your wifes “spamming” very well, and I must say I appreciated it rather than feeling it being too much – keeping us up to date what’s happening in this sad case, and it’s some kind of appreciation what the community and others made possible by donations.

    I’m glad the media and others jumped in to report about the issue. I’m sure if your imprisonment took longer, somebody could have gotten this issue to the attention of german media as well, which adds a lot of pressure to the official parties involved.

    I hope all the best to you for this lawsuite. And I’m sure if you defend well, you’ll get all this finally behind you. I still hope it was some mistake by the authorities.

  4. Excellent, Daniel, glad to see you’re back ! And you have a fantastic wife, putting so much energy into your rescue. Take care of your family, get well…

  5. Mariana says:

    Crazy episode, but I was impressed how well the geek community moved, congrats to all! I’d say that was the linux power who helped you the most, better than any god. E fico muito feliz de que um desenvolvedor de linux tenha tamanho apoio, é bem encorajador para a molecada e afins. Good luck and keep moving on 🙂

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