Help Apper, colord-kde and print-manager by donating

Short Summary

As some of you know I develop mostly KDE stuff, but last year I had a loss. So when I moved to Argentina I sold a bunch of things and had to buy them again when I came back to Brazil, there are two still that I couldn’t afford: A printer and a monitor.

Stuff I develop: Apper, colord-kde, print-manager, libdebconf-kde, packagekit-qt2 and aptcc

What I Need & What You Get

The monitor is really important so I can use my desktop PC wich is far more powerfull than my work laptop, using my desktop allows me to run several VMs to test the different PackageKit backends and make sure Apper runs fine.

The printer is also important because as you know I also develop print-manager which got some real cool improvements but still misses some stuff, though it’s not completly required to have a printer and do this development (which most of the time was done without real printers), I’m now in the adding a new printer phase, so yes I need a printer.

In short:

The monitor helps me mostly with testing my stuff on different distros and different setups.

In order to complete print support

The Impact

To understand the values:

Monitor Dell 23″ costs R$ 799,00 -> ~400,00 US$ (the same one is 250$ in US, Brazil and it’s abusive taxes..)

Samsung SCX-3005w costs ~ R$ 450,00 -> ~225,00 US$

I’m completely happy if I just reach the goal, so I can be more productive in my codings, if the goal is reached I’ll consider your donnation as a personal help (which of course will help me keep coding in KDE).

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t help by donating that’s ok, I still need people to test, code and even write docs.

print-manager and colord-kde need especial testing since it doesn’t have much users.


Help Apper, colord-kde and print-manager by donating

10 thoughts on “Help Apper, colord-kde and print-manager by donating

  1. BajK says:

    Umm, is there also a bank account I can do a transfer to? I’d love to spend 200€ to support your awesome work on Apper and especially I want that goddamn print manager finished 😛 But I do not have a credit card, nor Paypal 😦

    1. dantti says:

      Thanks 😀 I do have a bank account but I have no idea how you can send the money since I never did this, I’ll send the details to your email.

      1. BajK says:

        So, I tried registering on paypal but their password security demans are so aweful and weird that I refuse to register there. But I will go to my local bank on Tuesday and they will know for sure what data I need and how they can transfer the money 🙂

      2. dantti says:

        funny my password just contain letters and numbers didn’t find it hard.. but anyways I guess the bank can do it too 😛

  2. Del says:

    I would like to help too. Currently on Easter vacation, so bank transfer will have to wait until after Easter. Have you considered using paypal?

    1. dantti says:

      Thanks, well actually all the found raising is going to my paypal account that you can also send the money directly which will have less taxes. But I didn’t promoted this found raising by using paypal because the indiegogo visual feedback is really nice, people keep looking at the site to see how much is left, so this is a nice feature that helps the foundrising.
      I have considered a bunch of options, I found two that where better but only for US citzens so no lucky for me 😛

  3. Del says:

    By the way, consider blogging about your work while informing about the ongoing fundraiser again. It will bring broader attention to your efforts. Also, consider having the fundraiser link more visible from your post, is there a widget similar to the one Sebastian Trug used maybe?

  4. dantti says:

    Yes, I’m about to do a new colord-kde release (still fixing some bugs) and I’ll try to find a nice widget to get more attention 🙂
    Indiegogo didn’t provide one…

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