colord-kde 0.2 released!

Today is the 0.2 release day!

I’m very excited about the overall feedback that I received from the 0.1 release, a fix here, a bug report there, and we finally have a real solid release. System Settings bug was fixed, monitor plug’n’play was improved, the profiles selection bellow the device item doesn’t flicker anymore, most (if not all) Krazy issues where fixed and a few new features where added.

The coolest new feature is calibrate button, as I explained on the first post we won’t have a KDE interface so soon as the code has to be made share able, so it’s not the best solution, but the button I added will be enabled only if gcm-calibrate is available:

Calibrate button

As you can see beside the obvious GTK style change, is that it actually integrates pretty well as the dialog sets System Settings as it’s parent:

GCM Calibrate

Thanks to Richard Hughes who sent me a free colorhug device, I was able to play with it and make the button sensitive when you connect the device, so if you don’t plug it on the USB port the calibrate button will stay disabled. Besides the colorhug colorimeter which is meant for LCD/LED devices, the gcm-calibrate can also calibrate others devices without a measuring device like printers.

colorhug device calibrating the screen


UPDATE: Thanks to Tom Albers the downloads are now on KDE repos 😀


A big thank you for all that already donated to my found raising campaign it almost reach the goal, in just 2 days!

colord-kde 0.2 released!

47 thoughts on “colord-kde 0.2 released!

    1. dantti says:

      I don’t know… I’ve just checked and it’s installed, maybe I need to do some change.. it seems that no GTK app is being themed..

    2. dantti says:

      Oh, I’ve just checked on System Settings and Gtk theme section was using QtCurve, just switched to oxygen-gkt 😀

    1. dantti says:

      Sorry, I’ve completely forgotten to add the script, have just committed to both colord-kde and print-manager. Thanks

  1. Mark says:

    Apologies – but are there instructions/wiki on how to install and use it for different distros? Would love to test this out – but my skills might be a little bit limited. Any help and advice to point me in the right direction would be great.
    Thanks. Mark

    1. dantti says:

      No there are no such page, you need at least colord 0.1.18, then you do inside the colord-kde
      mkdir build
      cd build
      cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
      sudo make install

      If you use fedora there are packages already but we are waiting for the colord update.
      For Kubuntu we believe soon we will have a PPA.

      1. Mark says:

        Thanks for that. Will probably wait to have the Kubuntu PPA and install from there.

        Would be grateful if you could post back here when it’s available – so that I can then set it up and install. Would be useful if you could either just respond here or make an announcement on the blog.


      2. KamSte says:

        Tried to compile under Kubuntu 12.04 but that’s what I got:

        emil@emil-desktop:~/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/build$ make
        [ 0%] Built target kded_colord_automoc
        [ 5%] Building CXX object colord-kded/CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/ProfileUtils.o
        [ 10%] Building CXX object colord-kded/CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/XEventHandler.o
        [ 15%] Building CXX object colord-kded/CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/ColorD.o
        Linking CXX shared module ../lib/
        CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/ProfileUtils.o: In function `ProfileUtils::getPrecookedMd5(void*)’:
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:83: undefined reference to `cmsGetHeaderProfileID’
        CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/ProfileUtils.o: In function `ProfileUtils::profileHash(QFile&)’:
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:57: undefined reference to `cmsOpenProfileFromFile’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:64: undefined reference to `cmsCloseProfile’
        CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/ProfileUtils.o: In function `ProfileUtils::cmsWriteTagTextAscii(void*, cmsTagSignature, QString const&)’:
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:295: undefined reference to `cmsMLUalloc’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:296: undefined reference to `cmsMLUsetASCII’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:297: undefined reference to `cmsWriteTag’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:298: undefined reference to `cmsMLUfree’
        CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/ProfileUtils.o: In function `ProfileUtils::cmsDictAddEntryAscii(void*, QString const&, QString const&)’:
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:324: undefined reference to `cmsDictAddEntry’
        CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/ProfileUtils.o: In function `ProfileUtils::createIccProfile(bool, Edid const&, QString const&)’:
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:161: undefined reference to `cmsFreeToneCurve’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:138: undefined reference to `cmsBuildGamma’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:141: undefined reference to `cmsCreateRGBProfile’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:149: undefined reference to `cmsSetColorSpace’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:150: undefined reference to `cmsSetPCS’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:151: undefined reference to `cmsSetHeaderRenderingIntent’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:152: undefined reference to `cmsSetDeviceClass’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:194: undefined reference to `cmsFreeToneCurve’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:284: undefined reference to `cmsFreeToneCurve’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:220: undefined reference to `cmsDictAlloc’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:258: undefined reference to `cmsWriteTag’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:267: undefined reference to `cmsMD5computeID’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:271: undefined reference to `cmsDictFree’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:278: undefined reference to `cmsSaveProfileToFile’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ProfileUtils.cpp:281: undefined reference to `cmsDictFree’
        CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/ColorD.o: In function `ColorD::outputChanged(Output&)’:
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ColorD.cpp:405: undefined reference to `cmsOpenProfileFromMem’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ColorD.cpp:415: undefined reference to `cmsCloseProfile’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ColorD.cpp:423: undefined reference to `cmsReadTag’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ColorD.cpp:438: undefined reference to `cmsEvalToneCurveFloat’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ColorD.cpp:439: undefined reference to `cmsEvalToneCurveFloat’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ColorD.cpp:440: undefined reference to `cmsEvalToneCurveFloat’
        /home/emil/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/ColorD.cpp:443: undefined reference to `cmsCloseProfile’
        collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
        make[2]: *** [lib/] Error 1
        make[1]: *** [colord-kded/CMakeFiles/kded_colord.dir/all] Error 2
        make: *** [all] Error 2

      3. dantti says:

        it won’t work with Ubuntu’s colord (too old version), I’m preparing a PPA including a newer one, besides that your build failure is about lcms2 missing

  2. anw says:

    Many thanks for your work, it’s great!!
    I tested it under FC16.
    First, I tried with KDE but no screen were detected on the devices list. Then I tested it with gnome and it worked well, screens were detected and ICC profiles were correctly applied.
    Back to KDE, screens are now listed in the devices list, but I’m unable to apply a color profile (.icc). When clicking on “add profile”, “from file”, then choosing my .icc (created with dispcallGUI), i’m getting the following error: “Failed to import color profile”.
    Any idea?

    1. dantti says:

      The first problem (detecting your monitors) you either need to logout/login or reload the kded4 process.
      For the second bug, you don’t have colord >= 0.1.18, unfortunately it’s impossible to make it work with older versions due to a DBus interface misuse.

      1. llvdan says:

        Hi, I’ve just compiled and installed colord-kde, but I got the same problem, no screen was detected. I’m under debian wheezy and colord 0.1.18 is installed. Do you have any idea ?

      2. dantti says:

        You have to login/logout, which video card/drivers do you use? if you use NVidia proprietary drivers, they don’t work (but you should see a monitor there).

  3. llvdan says:

    Effectively, my video card is an NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600M. But I don’t see any monitor in the list !

    1. dantti says:

      Are you using the proprietary driver? If so it won’t work it doesn’t support Xranr 1.3 properly. Either try nouveau or get an ATI card 😛

      1. dantti says:

        I can say my application does cookies to, but it doesn’t, that’s what NVIDIA is doing the claim 1.3 support but they don’t do it properly/complete. I have a NVIDIA card too and the lastest beta that claims to have that doesn’t actually support what 1.3 is supposed to support

      2. llvdan says:

        At least, I can see my device and my profiles. I will now check if it applies correctly.
        Getting an ATI card is not so easy on a laptop 😉

  4. Hi, iv’e tried to make this works on several distros. But every time i login to my session, the kde color manager doesn’t apply the color profile that i assigned to my monitor.
    I am using Fedora 17 with colord 0.1.21
    How can i fix this?

  5. sarantis says:

    As “KamSte” i tried to build on kubuntu 12.04 x64.
    I got errors =
    errors have nothing to do with missing “lcms2” or “KDE libs and xrandr” that u reffer to 0.1.0 v.
    I have them all.
    And i’m on ATI card with 12.4 Catalyst proprietary driver.

      1. sarantis says:

        can u please be more spesific with cmake ?
        evry time i run it i get the same errors.
        how is it possible not to find lcms2 that exists in both /usr/lib/i386 and /usr/lib/x86_64 directories?
        even if i run cmake-gui and force the lib-preffix directory to /usr/lib/, cmake-gui generates without errors but make has the same errors.

      2. dantti says:

        when you run cmake, try running on a clean directory, also make sure it says it found lcms2…

      3. sarantis says:

        Thanks for yr quick post, but first things first, let me clarify that i’m not a programmer, i’m an end-user, so….
        1) what do u mean by saying “make sure it says it found lcms2…” ??
        2) Just an hypothesis= according to i manually installed lcms2 because doesn’t come by default with kubuntu & other distros, is it possible that yr CmakeLists needs to provide a “FindLCMS2.cmake” option ??

      4. dantti says:

        1) cd build;rm -rf *; cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr the last lines will say something about lcm2 being found or not.
        2) just make sure you have liblcms2-dev and liblcms2-2 packages installed.

      5. dantti says:

        CMake is clearly not finding lcms2 in your system tho you said it’s installed.
        On the second screenshot after the line bellow:
        — X randr is required, found: 1
        You should see:
        — checking for module ‘lcms2’
        — found lcms2, version 2.2
        Try removing the build dir and trying again.

      6. dantti says:

        BTW I think on the git version I changed the CMakeList to require that package, dunno if I included this change on the 0.2 version…

      7. sarantis says:

        1) “CMake is clearly not finding lcms2 in your system tho you said it’s installed.”
        tho i said ??? u don’t see it on second photo from Muon Packager ???
        2) Just to give u a hint… i uninstalled Rawtherappe from repos and compiled it
        — checking for module ‘lcms2’
        — found lcms2, version 2.2
        3) BTW all the posts and links here refer to stable version from yr download link.

      8. dantti says:

        Sorry I was trying to say that cmake was not finding lcms2 tho as you said it is installed.. not doubt on that 😉
        well I’m out of ideas right now, you can try the git version if you have tryied a clean build
        dir already, BTW Kubuntu Quantal already has packages for it (I’m upgrading to Quantal right now :P)

      9. sarantis says:

        ok no worries 😉
        i know that Quantal already has packages, but there is no reason to go there from Precise just for colord-kde 😀
        and after 10 years with linux, in my humble opinion, never use alpha bulids, only RC 😉
        i managed to make yr cmake/build to find my lcms2 libs.
        on your CMakeLists.txt inside the colord-kded folder i changed the 1st line from
        pkg_check_modules(LCMS2 lcms2) to—>
        pkg_check_modules(LCMS REQUIRED lcms2)
        and with —>
        cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=relwithdebinfo -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config –prefix` ..
        cmake find lcms2
        but as you can see, with make, got the same errors.
        So, there is nothing to do with lcms2 missing. It’s something else.

      10. dantti says:

        Right I just broke my system doing that (but that was because I had xedgers enabled), anyway colord-kde from git already had that REQUIRED fix tho this only prevents cmake from continuing the checks rather than stopping immediately. Now that error is really a link to lcms2 error, I’m sure the linker is not linking against the proper thing otherwise you wouldn’t have problems… I have 4 kubuntu machines (1 virtual) and all of them compile it fine, so I’m out of ideas also keep in mind that Precise doesn’t have the required colord version, I have uploaded a newer that works in precise to my PPA but didn’t had time to build a colord-kde package… so try the git version maybe it works dunno…

  6. Mark says:

    Dantti – I see that you now have a Kubuntu PPA. I have put it into sources, and installed the two upgradeable packages – but I do not see anywhere to play with colour settings. Note that I have only installed colord-kde and the other package – nothing else. What other packages do I need to install to get the system up and running etc? Again, is there a wiki anywhere that outlines the process to get colord-kde up and running? If not, can someone talk me through the process – and I’ll be happy to give it a go and then to try and write a wiki page outlining the general steps.
    Thanks for all your hard work. It’s much appreciated.

    1. dantti says:

      Yes, I’ve created one, it has a newer version of colord that works with colord-kde, but I didn’t find time to make a colord-kde package, so you will need to build it from sources and since 12.10 already has it packaged I’ll probably not worry about packaging it.. so just use the general guidelines:
      * inside the colord-kded source directory
      mkdir build
      cd build
      cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
      sudo make install
      logout / login
      open systemsettings

      1. Mark says:

        Thanks for your help. I’m giving it a go but I’ve hit an error though.

        markh@kubuntu:~/Downloads/colord-kde-0.2.0/colord-kded/build$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
        — The CXX compiler identification is unknown
        CMake Error: your CXX compiler: “CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER-NOTFOUND” was not found. Please set CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER to a valid compiler path or name.
        CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:2 (pkg_check_modules):
        Unknown CMake command “pkg_check_modules”.

        — Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

        I always try to stay away from compiling my own stuff – it always seems to fail…! Wanted to give this a go though – can you explain how I might put in a valid compiler path name?

        Thanks. Mark.

  7. vincent says:

    I installed kubuntu 12.10 beta and attached the colorhug, but the calibration button still greyed out. Must I install some other packages?

      1. Ian Pilcher says:

        Any plan for an updated release? Until that happens, those of us who use mainstream distributions are pretty much hosed.

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